Montra Electric The Super Auto
Efficient, Easy, Exciting!
Electrify Your Day
With quick charge times, super spacious interiors and 160kms range, make more of your daily rides.
Montra Electric
Designed to get the most from your everyday ride!
Montra Electric Super Auto makes every journey Super Fast & Super Efficient! Designed to easily and efficiently increase your earnings, it comes in variants to suit your requirements.
Passenger Auto
3 Variants
Starting at ₹ 3,02,000
Passenger Auto
2 Variants
Starting at ₹ 3,52,000
Passenger Auto
4 Variants
Starting at ₹ 3,95,000
Montra Electric is set to revolutionize the automotive segment through a cutting edge product proposition and creating an ecosystem for the EV segment to flourish.
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